The Story of a Photographer

My name is Monika, and I am all things creative.

I love sharing stories, and believe in the power of design.

I love chai lattes, traveling, and kicking back with my loved ones.

I am a firm believer that food can taste better if plated nicely, and that cameras are time machines in disguise.

I believe all moments should be captured, and all art should leave you inspired.

I believe in confidence, laughter, and love.

I believe that life is too short to not be doing what you love.

My goal is to follow couples in love, & their journey through life’s magical moments. I would love to become your personal life-photographer, a familiar face that you can be comfortable around, and one that will document all your life's major milestones!

Featured in... The WeddingRing Magazine


01 / 04

Sabrina Kwan

So I had one of those panicked moments after my wedding and ended up emailing Monika in the middle of the night like "omg I forgot to ask you to take pictures of X moment!" This was absolutely a waste of anxiety because she absolutely had taken care of everything already. Weddings can be so hectic and this is definitely someone that you want on your team. I didn't need to ask her to take pictures of specific moments because she was all over it. She absolutely captured the story of the day perfectly.