Weddings and Elopements are my absolute favourite to capture. Whether you are planning a secret getaway to elope or a lavish wedding - I will be there to capture it all.

Wedding Packages start at $1800 for 6 hours of coverage. Email me at for more information.


"So I had one of those panicked moments after my wedding and ended up emailing Monika in the middle of the night like "omg I forgot to ask you to take pictures of X moment!" This was absolutely a waste of anxiety because she absolutely had taken care of everything already. Weddings can be so hectic and this is definitely someone that you want on your team. I didn't need to ask her to take pictures of specific moments because she was all over it. She absolutely captured the story of the day perfectly. I only met her in person on the day of, but there was an instant understanding of my vibe and what I was looking for.

Also, her husband was somehow a ghost throughout the day. We knew he was there, yet somehow didn't actually see him. I think this just added to how great the candid shots were though!"

- Sabrina Kwan